Despite everything that we do to provide a good standard of care in a secure environment, we recognise that clients may become dissatisfied from time to time. To tackle such problems we will do the following.

  1. Provide and when necessary operate a simple, clear and accessible complaints procedure.
  2. Make every effort to protect client’s legal rights.


We know that the leadership of the home is critical to all its operations. To provide leadership of the quality required, we will do the following.

  1. Always engage as registered manager a person who is qualified, competent and experienced for the task.
  2. Aim for a management approach that creates an open, positive and inclusive atmosphere.
  3. Install and operate effective quality assurance and quality monitoring systems.
  4. Work to accounting and financial procedures, which safeguard person’s interests.
  5. Supervise all staff and voluntary workers regularly and carefully.
  6. Ensure that the health, safety and welfare of clients and staff are promoted and protected.


We want everything we do in the home to be driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our service users, not by what staff, management or any other group would desire. We recognise how easily this focus can slip and we will remain vigilant to ensure that the facilities, resources, policies, activities and services of the home remain service user-led.


We are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives and we welcome the scrutiny of our clients and their representatives.