Our Services

Staff undertake regular training which includes a minimum of:

The service is subject to inspection and review by purchasers of the including individuals and Local Authorities. Staff and clients are to co-operate when such visits take place and appropriate information made available.


The referral process begins with an enquiry, by telephone, email or letter.

The service will then ask for referral form to be completed giving brief information about the potential client and their support needs. This form can be completed by a professional from the multi-disciplinary team.

A review of this information is then undertaken to assess whether the service can potentially meet the needs of the individual being referred. If the service determines that they can meet the needs of the referred person, a full assessment will be arranged with the potential clients and their care/support team

SCS wants to offer comprehensive rehabilitation and support for people with learning disability, autism and moderate behaviour that challenges.

Through a Person-Centred approach, we help adults aged 18 or over to manage their health, improve their self confidence and emotional well-being.

We believe that people with disabilities have the right to live as ordinary life as possible such as:-